G3T has productized portions of our most popular solutions. These products are broadly organized into air-interface-based products, network-based products, and handset-based products.

Air-Interface-Based Products

G3T offers a complete line of rapidly deployable GSM, CDMA2000 and UMTS networks. The Pacer product line is easy to operate and can recreate any wireless environment in the world. These systems are ideal for test and training, research and mobile emergency management applications.

Handset-Based Products

G3T provides custom network engineering mobile test phones suitable for use by mobile operator RF and network engineers. As North America's value-added reseller of Sagem and TEMS network engineering mobile phones and because of our deep experience in smartphone application development, G3T can provide automated application level testing of voice and video calls, HTML browsing performance, messaging performance, and connection performance customized to solving your particular network and quality optimization efforts.

Network-Based Products

G3T offers extensive network monitoring capability for wireless providers. This includes fraud detection and advanced network analysis.